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About Us

Standfirst: Contempo Interior Design and Culture Architecture pair together to elevate the standard of your interiors, be they residential or commercial.

Established in 1992, Contempo is today a reputable two-tier business, respected for its strong commitment to personalized service and quality execution. The Amman-based firm brings together a wealth of experience in the disciplines of interior design and architecture. Principal designer Rania Bataineh has been designing premium interiors for more than 20 years after studying Interior Design in the US. Meanwhile, Bataineh's husband, architect Issa Naffa, heads up Culture Architecture and provides the architectural expertise on all Contempo projects. "We understand that both interior design and architecture need to be in harmony with the wider environment and the people who operate and interact with it,'' explains Bataineh. "I'm are proud of our husband-and-wife business partnership and believe it really ensures the clients get the best outcome. Our strengths complement each other and we are able to share opinions honestly, which is extremely valuable in the work that we do.

Contempo's name is not derived from the word contemporary as one may first think, but rather a combination of the Italian suffixes for "with'' and "time''. This meaning is applicable to the design firm on a number of levels. Firstly, Bataineh and Naffa go above and beyond to truly research each project they take on and are wholeheartedly committed to client satisfaction: understanding needs and preferences is imperative to reflect these in the tailored, premium designs they deliver. Secondly, Contempo prides itself on delivering top-quality projects within efficient deadlines. And thirdly, it provides quality space-solutions, products and finishes that are durable, timeless and enrich lives long into the future.

Lauded for their extensive space-planning re-design and intelligent renovation of awkwardly designed villas, no effort is spared nor detail overlooked at Contempo. "It's about paying attention to all of the details. You want your home to look beautiful, but also to have everything working perfectly to make your life more comfortable. That is why, at Contempo and Culture, we consider everything, from the under-floor heating, plumbing and electrical to walls, windows and ceilings,''tells Bataineh, who addresses all aspects in terms of functionality, safety, sustainability and aesthetic value.

The majority of Contempo's projects involve both design and architectural work, such as changing floorplans, facades, elevations and other structural elements. "We help clients become aware of their needs. They are often shocked and feel disappointed that the architects haven't done this or that they have generalised,'' explains Bataineh. Her firm also offers a full design, build and decorate service. "We can save so much money and time by helping our clients build the right home for them the first time.

Bataineh has found that it can often be challenging to inspire and educate home builders and decorators. "People like to copy one another, because its quick, easy and they think it will work for them, but I will never do this because I know that if we go down that road they won't be truly satisfied with the finished result; This simply won’t work for them as well as a carefully tailored space could,'' says the designer. She is dedicated to practicing her craft in a diligent manner. "When I begin any project I work through the concept, needs, facts, texture and colour considerations and constraints. The first aspect is very important because without a relevant, tailored concept its just decorating , anyone with good taste can combine colors, but Contempo offers so much more than that, when we work on a space you can really feel it,'' tells Bataineh. "Interior design is about studying styles, from historical art to modern innovations, and you must also understand the psychology of design.

In this respect, Contempo strives to help its clients discover who they really are, not just what they think they like. "There is a big difference between the two. For instance, if we are looking at colors, finding your shade rather than the safe option will dramatically effect how secure and relaxed you feel in a space,'' explains Bataineh. She has visited Salone del Mobile, the world's premier international design and furniture fair, in Milan every year for the past decade to remain up-to-date with market trends. "I'm now very experienced at navigating what can seem like an overwhelming array of options to present the client with furniture, décor and other accents that complement the concept we have devised.

The interior designer is in it for the long haul; she cries and laughs with her clients, educates them and even encourages them to reflect deeply on how a home can embody and enrich their lives. "It's not just about a beautiful house with lavish furniture, its about making sure people can enjoy every single part of their home."

For more information visit Contempojordan.com or call +962 6 533 0855.